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Being a superior hair care professional has always been one of Kanika's dreams to achieve.  As a young girl being under the tutelage of one of St.Louis' finest Hair Extension technicians, she dreamed of being one the finest in the business as well. She is a licensed and certfied Hair Loss Practioner specializing in hair loss, restoration and non-surgical hair replacement options. She is registered with the American Medical Association and The American Cancer Society. She is also Pivot Point International certified. Kanika began perfecting her craft with unique and innovative works that have been featured on various publications and a few TV shows. Sophisticates in Black Hair, WeTV, Judge Judy and Bridezillas to name a few.

She has worked for noted companies such as Big Sexy Hair and Nairobi Professional, and Salon Exclusives. She continues to regularly attend trades shows and educational seminars. Her education and training sheet include countless training courses not limited to the following: USTI,  Pivot Point International, Designer Touch, Soft Sheen, Carson, and CHI. Kanika is also the founder of the Minnesota Grand Hair Showcase, a high fashion/fantasy hair exhibition given yearly in the Twin Cities area.  Her passion for learning and perfecting her craft has inspired her to educate other novice stylists, helping them perfect theirs as well. An educator who provides classes on the various weave techniques she has learned and perfected over the past 20+ years.

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